Why in Trentino
So Many Good Reasons to Choose Trentino
Opportunities and Incentives

There are many good reasons to choose to invest in Trentino, the small land with big numbers.

Quality of Life and Work

Quality of life and work in Trentino are among the highest in Europe.

Trentino boasts a modern and efficient welfare system, an excellent educational system, a first level health service and a naturalistic heritage of extraordinary beauty, all engendering stimuli for entrepreneurial development that can combine innovation and sustainability.

In the Heart of Europe

A borderland, Trentino is located in the heart of the Alps and Europe. Thanks to its strategic position, the Province is served by a particularly efficient infrastructural and logistic and transport service system: the main centers are located along the Brenner railway and motorway corridors, which connect the Italian North-East to Austria and Germany.

Main Advantages

Trentino offers the following advantages:

  • Presence of important universities and research centers

  • Opportunities, incentives and financial subsidies

  • Special autonomy status

  • High quality of life

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