Innovation and synergy among technologies

The term “Mechatronics” refers to the area of ​​activity that combines the classical disciplines of mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics and information technology to improve the functionality of a “technical” production system. It is a field of strategic activity for the competitiveness of the Italian manufacturing system and, in particular, in Trentino. The Mechatronics sector is characterized by strong innovativeness and by ae high number of registered patents (about 50 in recent years, equal to 50% of the total patents registered by subjects operating in Trentino).

The mechanical-mechatronic supply chain employs over 800 companies and 10,000 employees across the region, where the Province has set up a dedicated technological center: the Mechatronics Hub in Rovereto, the physical place where the partnership among business, research, innovation and training come to fruition. The Hub is supported by high added value services provided by Trentino Sviluppo.

It is also worth mentioning is the presence in the region of important research organisations that have been operating for years in the field of sensors and microsystems, module/system and single technological components. For example, the Departments of Physics and Engineering of the University of Trento, the Centro per i Materiali e I Microsistemi (center for materials and microsystems) of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (mainly engaged in the study and development of electronic devices and integrated microsystems, and MEMS, with particular attention to innovation), the Trento section of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (specialized in sensors) and some CNR (National Research Council) units (specialized in micro-mechanics and micro-optics).