Subsidies, Tax Policy and Financing

Trentino boasts an effective system of offers, incentives and tools to support business growth, as well as to attract and promote new entrepreneurship.


Research and Development

The Autonomous Province of Trento supports research and development projects aimed at generating new economic opportunities and jobs in the area.

  • Industrial research projects for the acquisition of new know-how for the creation of new products, services and processes;
  • Experimental development projects for the transfer of existing knowledge into demonstration prototypes.

Incentives and contributions are directed both to large industrial groups and to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Province also supports the recruitment of researchers and technicians, because it believes in the importance of supporting the transfer of technology from research to business. Read more >>


It is essential to open up one’s business to international markets. Trentino Sviluppo is committed to helping local companies expand and strengthen their international contacts through dedicated staff and projects.

Trentino-based SMEs and their consortia enjoy incentives for participation in international fairs, missions abroad in non-EU or incoming countries, and for international-scale projects. Read more >>

Business Development

The Province covers from 30% to 50% of the expenses incurred to encourage the development and consolidation of small and medium-sized enterprises. They concern consulting services in the field of product and process innovation, quality, pilot initiatives in the environmental field, market surveys, marketing and trade plans, ICT and other services of a strategic nature.

How to start a Business

Starting a business in Trentino yields returns! New companies that choose the Autonomous Province of Trento enjoy dedicated incentives. Read more >>


Public policies promote investments in various sectors: property, plant, machinery, equipment, patents and know-how acquisitions. Expenses for environmental protection measures are also supported. The basic support is 15%, to which additional funding can be added (for example, there is a 15% increase for new companies).


If you are a Trentino newborn company or intend to transfer your business to Trentino, we will waive IRAP (regional tax on production activities) payments for the first five years.

In addition, businesses wishing to settle in Trentino enjoy other fiscal benefits: on sums paid to employees and on labour costs and on the notional value of new equity; deductions of the contribution paid to bilateral institutions, deductions on the financing provided to tourism promotion companies and to local event promotion consortia.


The Autonomous Province of Trento makes the following tools available to companies:

The Trentino-Alto Adige Strategic Fund (FSTAA – Fondo Strategico del Trentino-Alto Adige)

This is an alternative investment fund under Italian law, created with the aim of developing financing sources that complement or are alternative to the banking system. It is reserved to qualified investors and entails investments in debt securities. Read more >>

Trentino Invest

Trentino Invest is a mixed public-private company set up with the aim of investing in Trentino companies, supporting their development projects through contribution of knowledge and capital. Read more >>

Trentino Investors Club

Trentino Sviluppo has set up and manages the Trentino Investors Club (Club Trentino degli Investitori), an informal network of investors who have made themselves available to evaluate Trentino business initiatives (startups and more) for possible financing and participation in shareholders’ equities. Read more >>