How the Autonomous Province of Trento supports Research and Development within its Borders

The eligible expenses covered under the incentives of the Province of Trento may concern the staff involved in the project, the acquisition of advice and patents, the technical amortization of instruments and equipment for research and development, and the additional overhead costs (equal to 15% of staff costs).

The contribution can range from a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 80% of the eligible costs; the minimum eligible expenditure is 25,000 Euro and the maximum duration of the projects is 3 years.

Projects must be submitted in advance; those with financial value not exceeding 500,000 Euro undergo a simple evaluation procedure; if they exceed that amount, they are awarded by calls for tender or undergo negotiation procedures. Funds are granted on a non-refundable basis, according to procedures established by the Province.

In order to promote technology transfer from research organizations to companies, the Province also supports projects involving the recruitment of researchers and technicians.

The eligible amount covers costs incurred for the recruitment of a researcher, for a period that can vary from 2 to 5 years, on the basis of the following schedule:

  • up to 50% for the fixed-term employment of researchers and technicians of research institutes operating across the provincial area;
  • up to 60% for the permanent employment of researchers and technicians from academic research and institute bodies.