Trentino: the land where mountains are smart
September 2023

Trentino now boasts an extensive network of cable ducts spanning 1,920 kilometers, complemented by over 1,200 kilometers of backbone infrastructure, housing a remarkable 2,500 kilometers of optical fiber. Significant investments in modern digital infrastructure have transformed Trentino into one of Italy's most well-equipped and accessible regions, setting new standards for coverage and connectivity.

Broadband expansion: moving towards comprehensive coverage

The enhancement of digital infrastructure stands as a pivotal element for fostering the prosperity of a region, a domain where Trentino has consistently excelled, boasting a widespread and high-performance system that caters to both businesses and citizens.

The surge in the deployment of fiber-optic infrastructure has started in 2018, the year of the first works related to the BUL (Ultra Broadband) Project, an initiative promoted by the Ministry for Economic Development. Its objective was to bridge the digital divide, particularly in underserved or remote areas compared to urban centers.

Under the stewardship of the BUL Project, entrusted to Open Fiber, "Trentino Digitale" has achieved remarkable milestones:

  • Presently, 144 out of 166 municipalities in Trentino, accounting for 85% of the total, are enveloped within the public fiber-optic network. These numbers are particularly noteworthy, given the rugged and challenging terrain that characterizes the region. Furthermore, the focus here is not just on connectivity, but on quality, as most of Trentino's municipalities connected by fiber have opted for Ftth (Fiber-to-the-Home) connectivity – the pinnacle of speed and stability available in today's market.
  • Ultra broadband now reaches over 500 thousand inhabitants out of a total population of 542 thousand, cementing the Autonomous Province of Trento as a hyper-connected territory. It holds the prestigious title of being Italy's leader in broadband coverage, offering speeds up to 20 Mbps. With a 100% gross coverage compared to the national average of 98.7% and a 99.6% net coverage compared to the national average of 97%, Trentino's impressive broadband infrastructure is evident (source: ISTAT and AGCom).

Trentino, an enterprise-friendly ecosystem

The presence of cutting-edge physical and digital infrastructures is just one of many reasons why the Autonomous Province of Trento emerges as an attractive hub of opportunities, resources, and various advantages, making it an ideal locale for initiating or expanding business endeavors.

Its strategic geographical location as a borderland, coupled with robust connectivity to Europe and North-Eastern Italy through an efficient logistics and transportation network, along with an exceptional quality of life – where Trento ranks first among Italian cities – further solidify Trentino as a prime choice for startups and enterprises. Additional factors contributing to the province's allure for businesses include:

  • A robust system of incentives and tax breaks supporting business growth and the development of new entrepreneurial ventures in the area;
  • The presence of "Invest in Trentino", a dedicated team offering support and guidance to startups and enterprises;
  • Tailored spaces designed specifically for businesses, offering diverse usage options such as offices, production facilities, or well-equipped laboratories. These spaces are distributed across the region within Business Innovation Centers (BICs) or in Trentino Sviluppo's Technological Poles in Rovereto, Polo Meccatronica, and Progetto Manifattura;
  • Exceptional educational opportunities, facilitated by the University of Trento, acclaimed as the best medium-sized Italian university by the respected Censis rankings;
  • An ecosystem built upon research and innovation, where universities, institutions, laboratories, and research centers actively collaborate with government bodies and corporations.

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