UniTrento first among Italian universities
July 2023

The University of Trento is confirmed as an excellence at the national level and regains first place among medium-sized universities, passing Siena (third position) and Udine (second position). This is said by Censis, which published as it does every year its ranking of Italian universities

For the academic year 2023-2024 UniTrento also conquers two other important podiums: it ranks second, tied with the Politecnico di Milano, in the absolute ranking (won by the University of Camerino) and with a score of 110/110 it becomes the best university for internationalisation

The University of Trento, in the context of medium-sized universities, is on the podium in:

  • Overall score: 1st place
  • Internationalization: 1st place
  • Scholarships: 3rd place
  • Communication and digital services: 3rd place

In terms of teaching, the University of Trento ranks first:

  • Bachelor's degrees: agricultural-forestry and veterinary; legal; linguistics
  • Master's degrees: computer science and technology; psychology

The Censis ranking

The Censis ranking of Italian universities is now in its 23rd edition and is a fundamental tool for providing guidance for the choices of all students ready to embark on a university career. It is an articulated analysis of the Italian university system (public and non-public universities, divided into homogeneous categories by size) based on an assessment of available facilities, services provided, level of internationalization, communication skills and employability. Rankings of the teaching of bachelor's degrees, single-cycle master's degrees and two-year master's degrees can also be consulted.