VisionTek and Bridon-Bekaert Ropes: a successful matching fund
The Brescia-based startup will monitor the cable installations of the Belgian giant

The matching fund operation initiated by Trentino Sviluppo aimed at bringing together the technological potential of the VisionTek Engineering startup and the centuries-old experience of the worldwide cable giant Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group has been successfully completed.

Yesterday, Thursday, 18 May, an agreement with a total financial value of 625,000 Euro will be signed, leading the Belgian group and Trentino Sviluppo to acquire holdings of VisionTek.

VisionTek, a startup founded in Brescia in 2014, will set up shop in the Rovereto Polo Meccatronica, in synergy with local research institutions; it will refine an innovative 3D optical monitoring system for cables that will apply to the cableway transport of people, in addition to other applications. This system will be tested on Trentino cableways, in order to increase safety and reduce maintenance costs, by working promptly on faulty cables as well as avoiding the planned replacement of cables, regardless of the actual degree of wear.

In the cable and rope industry, in order to win over competitors, it is essential to invest in the search for cutting-edge solutions: hence, the choice of VisionTek Engineering to accept the invitation of the Trentino Sviluppo attraction team to develop the startup in Rovereto, inside the Polo Meccatronica. The conviction is that in Trentino there are excellent research centers, and the cableway transport is a fundamental component of the tourist offer. Therefore, according to the company's top management, this region is the ideal place to build new prototypes and test them directly in the field.