Scintille: Open Innovation at the Service of Trentino Companies
February 2022

5 companies, 25 talents and an innovative challenge to be overcome. The second successful edition of Scintille, the Trentino Sviluppo program in partnership with VGen, which aims to encourage collaboration with a view to open innovation among companies and young students from universities throughout Italy has ended. The programme, predominantly conducted on line, lasted six weeks and led to the study of concrete proposals that companies will then be able to implement as part of their business.

The Partners

The Scintille program is organised by:

  • Trentino Sviluppo: the system body of the Autonomous Province of Trento that deals with economic and territorial development;

  • VGen: the leading startup in Italy in the creation of challenges aimed at new generations.

Areas of Application and Stages of the Process

Now in its second edition, Scintille is aimed at companies that have at least one operational headquarter in Trentino and at under-35 students from universities throughout Italy. The goal is to bring together companies and five teams of young talents, guided on their journey by an Agile coach, to design and carry out innovative business projects.

The areas of this year’s challenges include:

  • Data: development of platforms for logistics and customer management on the Cloud and for the post-processing of data acquired by a business;

  • Mechatronics: mechanical optimisation of production processes;

  • Electricity sector: optimisation of the electricity distribution process;

  • Learning Platform: development of a platform to provide technical assistance and training


Discover the companies that participated in the second edition of Scintille


Audaces is a multinational group that for 30 years has been committed to the design and development of modeling software solutions, automatic nesting, technical data sheet, production management and automatic fabric spreading and cutting machines for the fashion market, and, in particular, for tailoring, furnishing and technical fabrics. It is present worldwide in 70 countries and the leader in Latin America, with 70% of this region’s market share. Five years ago, while pursuing the goal of becoming a point of reference worldwide in innovative technology for its dedicated market, Audaces decided to open a production and commercial unit in Rovereto, in the Polo Meccatronica (Mechatronics hub), to serve the European and Asian market.

For the Scintille project, the Company has developed a blade lubrication and cooling system to maximise the productivity and efficiency of cutting synthetic fabrics without damaging the cut pieces.


CEDIS - Consorzio Elettrico di Storo is a cooperative company established in 1904 to bring electricity to Storo and its surroundings. Today, it includes more than 3200 members who consume the renewable energy self-produced by the cooperative through its hydroelectric and photovoltaic plants. Alongside the production activity, CEDIS is also a local electricity distributor: through 300 km of (mostly) underground power lines, it serves approximately 4,600 users. For more than 10 years, it has also been offering its members and customers FTTH fiber optic connectivity for various services: Internet, telephony and television.

The project proposed for the Scintille event provides for definition of an innovative artificial intelligence platform capable of predicting the instantaneous power of power plants in order to plan production and guarantee its members maximum self-consumption on site, in a circular economy perspective.


Colmegna Nord was born as a spin-off dedicated to technological research on heat treatments in a controlled atmosphere. Today it is an independent company, whose mission is to offer customers the benefits of the results enjoyed in recent years. The Company has predominantly invested in the gas nitriding technology in a controlled atmosphere, with a view to achieve an effective, controlled and eco-sustainable process.

Thanks to Scintille, Colmegna Nord has begun to develop a platform for the management of logistics and customers on the Cloud. This technology ensures that a piece of the Company arrives on the PCs and desks of customers, who are thus able to track their orders (from the arrival of goods in the warehouse to final shipment) and to have a prompt access to a series of documents necessary to provide high-quality services.


Dana is a multinational company that has been operating since the early 1900s in the production and distribution of drivetrain solutions. It serves the markets of light and commercial vehicles, off highway, for drive and stationary applications. In recent years, the Company embarked upon a significant brand extension to add power systems to its catalogue.

Dana’s application for Scintille 2021 consisted in the definition, development or research of a fast and light solution for the post-processing of quantities measured on the field or on a test bench by the Arco Product Verification and Validation laboratory. These initiatives produce a large amount of information, which must then be structured and post-processed. The intention with Scintille was not to replace the existing professional methods and tools, but to complement them with something simple and immediate, which could return an initial analysis of acquired quantities in real time. The young participants selected by VGen initially thought about developing a SW application or a Web app, but given the limited time available, they opted instead to map the solutions already on the market, interviewing anumber of specialised suppliers. The output was the direct comparison between 2 competing solutions in terms of technical performance and competitiveness.


Power On is a young and dynamic company that deals with electronics for motor sports, founded in 1996 by Lorenzo Wohlgemuth, who, after honing valuable experience in the Formula 1 world as an electronic technician for Lamborghini, decided to create a company where technical and design skills could be brought together to fully support its customers. Over the years, the Company expanded its portfolio from consultancy and distribution to the production of wiring and electronic components for racing cars in the GT, Touring and Le Mans categories. Power On’s  four core businesses are: technical consultancy, product design and development, electrical and electronic production and distribution of commercial products.

The Company decided to participate in the Scintille Programme to expand the potential of one of these four cornerstones, i.e. technical consultancy, with the aim of designing a new IT system in order to provide its customers with technical support, training courses and the possibility to interact, simulate and monitor in real time the activities carried out remotely on the hardware housed at Power On.