Research, entrepreneurial spirit and "system" support: the story of Prebiomics
June 2020

Prebiomics is the story of a business project growing through the integration of experimental research, laboratory work and entrepreneurial spirit, with the constant support of the Trentino Research System.

By receiving one of the four prestigious grants for Italian companies recognized by the ERC, the European Research Council, Prebiomics confirms its position as one of the most dynamic and representative startups in Trentino, capable of supporting the best business realities by promoting the integration between experimental research, laboratory work and entrepreneurial spirit.

From the University of Trento to the market: the story of Prebiomics

Prebiomics is a startup developed three years ago by CIBIO Department at University of Trento and the assistance of the Autonomous Province of Trento, which supported the launch of the project at the end of 2017 with the Seed Money-FESR call for proposals and guaranteed an incubation period with the Bootstrap 2018 program managed by HIT - Hub Innovazione Trentino and now part of Trentino Startup Valley, the program accompanying companies coordinated by Trentino Sviluppo and HIT.

The company was founded by Paolo Ghensi, a dentist active in the field of periodontology and implantology, and Professor Nicola Segata, one of the world's leading experts in human microbiome and professor at CIBIO in Trento. Based on the extensive experience in the field of microbiome and the solid scientific background of the team, including Mattia Bolzan - biotechnologist and CTO of the company - PreBiomics has developed an innovative kit for prediction, analysis and diagnosis of oral microbiome that integrates metagenomic technologies and artificial intelligence.

A multidisciplinary and cutting-edge approach that opens the way to new potential clinical scenarios for highly personalized treatment and prevention of oral diseases.

A "systemic" growth

Trentino's support for the Prebiomics project does not stop with HIT's Bootstrap 2018 programme, but continues in 2019 with the Trentino Sviluppo matching fund, an instrument provided for by the Seed Money-FESR call for proposals that has enabled the company to extend private funding with a public contribution of equal level, supporting the growth and development plan already undertaken.

Find out more about Prebiomics' matching fund with news and video interview at

Prebiomics and the success of the matching fund | The video

The last step of the European Research Council

The news of the latest funding is part of a framework of proven scientific soundness and market prospects such as to extend the horizons of growth and financing of the company. The funding of 150,000 from the ERC - European Research Counsil - is a prestigious and valuable contribution for a company that intends to build a collection of 2500 plaque and saliva samples and that, for next year, aims to launch its own diagnostic aid test for 330 thousand potentially interested dental practices in Europe (56 thousand in Italy alone).

"I believe the story of PreBiomics recounts the application potential of research on our microbial background (the microbiome) and the margins of development and success that exist for those who work with passion in laboratories, as happens at the University of Trento, and in Trentino, which strongly supports entrepreneurship with a high technological and scientific content".

Nicola Segata, Prebiomics Scientific Advisor

Prebiomics: the video interview

In this interview, the story of Prebiomics and Trentino's support for business projects in the words of Mattia Bolzan, CTO, and Marco Senigalliesi, HIT's startup and acceleration area manager, in the following words.