PROTO Challenge: the final event is coming
May 2021

The PROTO Challenge is an initiative that allows manufacturing companies to work with teams of university students in order to solve industrial problems related to mechanical design. In particular, the Challenge plans to optimize the design of mechanical components in order to allow their production with additive manufacturing technologies.

The final event, that will be held on Wednesday the 26th of May, represents a unique opportunity for manufacturing companies to discover additive manufacturing and topological optimization technologies. 

In addition to the presentation of the companies the challenges and the results developed by the teams, there will be the opportunity to listen to two important keynote speakers: Trevor Laughlin, VP of Product at nTopology, and Paolo Gennaro Turnkey & Research Projects at GF Machining Solutions. 

Five teams of students from the University of Trento will be presenting the solutions to the topological optimization challenges of components presented by five companies: Lincotek, which participates with a prosthetic implant and its porous structure; PAMA, which applied with a component of a universal attachment of the accessory head of a machine tool; evoPad, with the evoPad postural rehabilitation tool; La Sportiva, with an assembly insole for mountain footwear; SOLIDpower, which participates with a structural air and fuel manifold.

The PROTO Challenge is an initiative of Trentino Innovation Hub, created in collaboration with the University of Trento, Trentino Sviluppo and the Prom Facility of the Mechatronics Center, Confindustria Trento, the Contamination Lab, NOI Techpark, the Free University of Bolzano and nTopology.


  • 16:00 Institutional greetings

  • 16:05 Introduction by Hub Innovazione Trentino 

  • 16:15 Keynote speaker: Trevor Laughlin, VP of Product at nTopology. "Advanced geometry representations in DFAM - Design For Additive Manufacturing"

  • 16:25 Lincotek presentation and team solution 1

  • 16:35 PAMA presentation and team solution 2

  • 16:45 Presentation of evoPad and team solution 3

  • 16:55 La Sportiva presentation and team solution 4

  • 17:05 SOLIDpower presentation and team solution 5

  • 17:15 Keynote speaker: Paolo Gennaro, Turnkey & Research Projects at GF - Georg Fischer Machining Solutions. "Additive Manufacturing: when does it really make sense?"

  • 17:30 Awarding of the winning team


The event will end at 5.30 pm with the awarding of the winning team. It will be held in English and it’s open to the public upon registration at this link