Inn4Mech International Workshop
A two-day event dedicated to innovations in the power transmission systems and, in particular, to the evolution of power transmission

More than 160 participants and 22 speakers from all over the world will meet today and tomorrow in Rovereto for Inn4Mech, the international meeting dedicated to the mechatronics sector.

The central theme of the first edition is Future Powertrains, namely, power transmission for automotive and off-road applications, with particular focus on engine optimization, innovative control systems, detection technologies, modeling, simulation and communication technologies.

The event, that kicked off in the morning at the Zandonai Theatre, places the spotlight on the sector perspectives, with particular attention to the need to respond to the growing demands of the transport sector all over the world, without undermining the health of the planet. From late morning and in the afternoon, room will be given to technical seminars on “Materials and processes”, “Control and automation”, “Simulation and modeling” and “Electronics and sensors”, with companies of the caliber of FCA, Bosch, Dana, Nvidia, Siemens, teachers and researchers from the British universities of Southampton and Bath, the Polytechnic of Milan and Imamoter, the Institute for agricultural and earthmoving machinery of the National Research Council (CNR).

Tomorrow, the event will close with a look at local, national and European networks and programs to support mechatronics production and research, but also with the Expo and visits to the ProM Facility laboratories.