From SPIN Accelerator Italy to the National Hockey League
Sense Arena conquers Golden Knights
October 2019

Among the participants in the first edition of SPIN Accelerator Italy with a virtual hockey training program capable of simulating ice training, the innovative startup Sense Arena has unveiled a training installation at the City National Arena, in the hometown of the VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS. "We are thrilled that VGK VR is the latest addition to the City National Arena," said Kerry Bubolz, president of Vegas Golden Knights. "Sense Arena's cutting-edge technology will provide hockey players with an innovative way to improve their skills, giving fans a whole new perspective.

“Virtual reality is a proven training tool in many areas and sports," said Bob Tetiva, founder and CEO of Sense Arena, "we are excited to bring it into the world of hockey. We know that the Golden Knights will pay tremendous attention to how our technology can improve sports performance, self-assessment and player rehabilitation.

But that's not all. The CEO of Sense Arena also had the opportunity to present his platform at the VR World Industry Conference (WCVRI) in Nanchang, China. VR application development, along with the implementation of 5G wireless technology, is accelerating the spread of innovative experiences to billions of people worldwide. Companies like HTC, Qualcomm, Huawei predict that virtual reality will penetrate residential and commercial markets at an ever-increasing rate.

The Sense Arena is based in the Czech Republic, Prague, and in North America, Burlington. It is a world leader in developing virtual reality training programs for hockey with installations in 5 countries. The platform contains over 80 exercises created by hockey professionals and configurable for all ages and levels. The tutorials are specifically designed to develop the cognitive and mental aspects of the game and use proprietary algorithms to provide immediate performance feedback and advice. 

How does it work? Find out in the presentation video.