Expert System and Artificial Intelligence in the fight against COVID-19
May 2020

Expert System is a company specialized in artificial intelligence applications, founded in 1989 in Modena and today one of the world leaders in the business, with 31.6 million euros in revenues and offices in Europe and America.

The innovative heart of the company lies in Trentino, at the Mechatronics Centre in Rovereto, where it has set up a research and development centre where about twenty engineers, computer scientists and linguistics experts work side by side.

The sector in which Expert System operates is one of the most dynamic and innovative: the company operates in the field of applications specialized in the understanding of natural language through the use of artificial intelligence with an approach that combines computer science and linguistics disciplines. Expert System's "Cogito" system, for example, can distinguish between a computer virus and a virus related to a person, also understanding that "dyspnea" used by a medical doctor and "shortness of breath" complained by a patient on Facebook are related.

Medical Intelligence and the fight against coronavirus

"The Coronavirus arrived quickly, but not suddenly. There are several traces of its passage that, properly analyzed and correlated, can help to gain a more comprehensive picture".

Andrea Melegari, Senior Executive Vice President of Expert System.


Committing to fight Covid-19, Expert System made ì its knowledge available through a platform devoted to researchers, hosting over 100 million scientific papers from which learn about ongoing analysis, therapies and new symptoms.

The company has also developed a system of "medical intelligence", aimed at governments, to monitor the effects of the pandemic, also from a social point of view, and read the signs of possible future emergencies. The system makes it possible to scan the textual content on the network looking for signs of possible anomalies and correlations that may be a sign of ongoing phenomena, including new health risks:

  • a tweet in which a citizen complains of breathing difficulties;
  • an article, in a local newspaper, highlighting an increase in pneumonia;
  • a medical doctor’s report to his health care organization;

All these communications, individually, may not be significant, but when analyzed together at the same time they can highlight an unusual trend and set off a wake-up call for further investigation. Concerning Coronavirus, the platform can provide useful information on the pandemic trend, the identification of new outbreaks and its impact on society, also from a social and emotional point of view.

Expert System artificial intelligence against Coronavirus: watch the full interview, produced for #RipresaTrentino, with Andrea Melegari, Senior Executive Vice President of Expert System.