Euleria launches t-kura, a website for rehabilitation at home
April 2020

You are through rehab, but you can't leave home? In order to address this need, becoming more and more challenging due to the limited freedom of movement in this time of crisis, the Euleria, based in Trentino, developed, a website where patients can meet rehabilitation specialists and schedule remote or digital sessions. A smart, innovative and, above all, safe method.

Founded on March 16th, in the midst of the Covid-19 emergency, its first investor partner was Bio4Dreams - a certified incubator for innovative startups devoted to life sciences - and found home in Trento, at Trentino Sviluppo Tech Hub. A solution which is also expected to be useful for the slow physical recovery of patients affected by Covid-19.

"Those working closely with people, and not providing primary care services, need to rethink their operations. Through t-kura we are willing to offer a solution, which is not only a video call, but a 360-degree service".

David Tacconi, CEO & Co-founder of Euleria

The website allows professionals in Italy to promote their business, get in touch with patients and plan together a tailor-made rehabilitation cycle accordingly with their needs.

t-kura offers two different solutions:

  • the first, more classic, is the group or personal tele-consult session, in which an expert - on a proprietary and certified platform - guides the rehabilitation session live;
  • the second solution, more technological and innovative, is tele-monitoring. The patients receives a kit consisting of a tablet and a wearable inertial sensor.

KARI by Euleria: rehabilitation with wearable inertialsensor 

KARI by Euleria is the tecnologic solution for a quality rehabilitation. An app installed on the tablet indicates daily exercises, prepared by the specialist specifically for the patient, who wears the sensor during the practice in order to tracks movements. The app allows the physiotherapist to check the execution of the exercises, if they have been completed and if there are any particular difficulties or problems. Everything happens remotely and at any given time, with a customer base at national level.

Watch the video for the full story of Trentino's first after Coronavirus outbreak.