AUSILIA opens up to businesses
Doors open at the Villa Rosa di Pergine rehabilitation center to become familiar with the AUSILIA rehabilitation service

On Friday, 25 May, the AUSILIA center opened its doors for an info day dedicated to citizens and sector stakeholders; among the latter, in particular, companies from the biomedical, sensor and home system sectors.

AUSILIA (Assisted Unit for Simulating Independent Living Activities), is a clinical service whose goal is to provide personalized care solutions to restore autonomy and freedom of movement to those who, following a traumatic event, move with difficulty in their environment and experience a compromised self-sufficiency.

Born within the Villa Rosa Rehabilitation Hospital of Pergine Valsugana from a partnership between the Provincial Healthcare Agency, the University of Trento, the Province of Trento and Trentino Sviluppo, AUSILIA is a test and validation environment for the implementation of new medical-engineering solutions to support motor and/or cognitive challenges, comprising an automated living quarter and a gym.

The initiative, promoted in partnership with Trentino Sviluppo, was also designed to engender conditions for new partnerships among research teams, medical facilities and corporate realities. Participating companies were able to learn about project details directly from its designers, thus evaluating the possibility of contributing to the project with technological systems and business know-how. The more than 25 entrepreneurs in attendance showed great interest in the Trentino multidisciplinary model, in which public administration, business and research work together.