Almaviva will develop digital solutions for Industry 4.0 in Polo Meccatronica
With 30 employees, the company doubles its presence in Trentino

Almaviva chooses Polo Meccatronica, Trentino Sviluppo’s hi-tech incubator, to open a new office dedicated to enhancing research and development of new technologies related to mechatronics, industry 4.0, energy management, mobile technology and mobility.

The Polo Meccatronica is thus enhanced by a consolidated information technology nerve center that perfectly integrates into the supply chain, creating digital platforms to support the industry, both in terms of production - namely the intelligent interface between devices and machinery - and of energy management.

The new Rovereto headquarters joins the historic site in Trento and will double the number of Almaviva employees, from the current 15 to around 30. Among the most important projects carried out across the Province, we cite the development and management of the local public transport information system (MITT), the Trentino Accessibile application, and various research projects financed through Italian (MIUR and MISE) and European (Horizon 2020) tenders. In the mechatronics field, the group is developing the IoT Giotto project, which aims to evolve and consolidate the company platform dedicated to the management and intelligent connection of various devices in the industrial field, also thanks to partnerships with international players such as Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, IBM and Google.