Yore win the Trentino round of BioInItaly
May 2022

Just a few days after winning the special Intellectual Property award at the Trentino Startup Valley Demo Day (4 May), Yore receives another important recognition. The innovative startup, which is developing a patch able to remove tattoos quickly and painlessly, has in fact also won the Trentino round of the BioInItaly Investment Forum & Intesa Sanpaolo Startup Initiative Roadshow, a reference point for innovation in biotechnology and life sciences in Italy. 

Born within the walls of the University of Trento and grown thanks to the provincial paths supporting new business ideas, Yore is now a spokesperson for Trentino excellence and the possibilities that the territory offers in terms of entrepreneurship, development and innovation.

The entrepreneurial idea

Almost 2 out of 10 people regret getting a tattoo, but of these only 4% undertake the removal process: it is on this interesting fact that Yore is developing its technology.

Drawing on important expertise in biotechnology, the team has developed a patch that can completely remove tattoos quickly, painlessly and without leaving scars. Once the patch is applied to the affected area, its micro-needles release an active ingredient capable of completely degrading the ink, bringing the skin back to its original state.

This technology presents itself as an important step forward for the industry, as it allows for the reduction of complications and unwanted effects of currently existing removal techniques.

Territory as an important growth ally

Yore is emblematic of the support offered by the 'Trentino System' to brilliant and highly technological realities. In fact, its path began in the academic environment and then grew and developed with the acceleration programmes for startups made available by the Autonomous Province of Trento through the main players in the world of research and innovation in the area.

The idea was born within the University of Trento, where the 4 minds of the team are still forming. The young talents are:

  • Elisa Moretti, biotechnology student

  • Niccolò Carlino, PhD student in Computational Biology at the Department of Cell, Computational and Integrated Biology CIBIO

  • Andrea dalle Grave, graduate student in Management

  • Niccolò Zecchinelli, Master's degree in Innovation Management.

The team then took part in the Startup Lab programme, proposed by Fondazione HIT - Hub Innovazione Trentino and the University of Trento, which enabled them to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. 

The project was then selected for the third edition, currently underway, of Trentino Startup Valley, the acceleration path promoted by Trentino Sviluppo and HIT. On the occasion of the Demo Day on 5 May, which committed all participants to present their idea to the Evaluation Committee, the startup received the special "Bugnion" prize in services for the protection of intellectual property worth € 5,000.

The next steps

Trentino Startup Valley

The Trentino Startup Valley acceleration programme brings together in a single organic pathway the main growth opportunities for startups and aspiring neo-entrepreneurs offered by Trentino. All participants, selected from the dozens of applications each year, are offered by Trentino Sviluppo and HIT both dedicated and specialised coaching services and access to the coworking spaces available in Trento and Rovereto. Yore will continue with the Validation phase, which will bring it to full maturity and autonomy.


Yore also enters the second phase of the BioInItaly competition, participating in the coaching and selection process promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo StartUp Initiative. The goal is to win a place for the Investment Forum in Milan, where he may have the opportunity to present its project and business plan to Business Angels, Venture Capital and Corporate VCs and other stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem.