Trentino Sviluppo’s 2017 turnover and activities: the region grows
From new entrepreneurship to internationalization: all the numbers of the economic development

Trentino: a dynamic region. The 2017 Financial Statements of Trentino Sviluppo approved today bear witness.

The accounting document closes a particularly busy year, with a profit of 408,000 Euro and managed assets of 1 billion and 96 million Euro. Assets include 9 industrial development agreements that, from Vallagarina to Val di Sole, involved 683 employees, generating, along with 18 million Euro of public funds, private investments for 71 million Euro and 284 new jobs.

The share of investments in tourist-cableway companies was positive, in line with the efforts targeted at infrastructure modernization and company profitability improvement that have been underway since 2015. The number of companies attracted from the rest of Italy and abroad (19 versus 10 in 2016) and of aspiring and new entrepreneurs involved in the Innovation Academy training course (660) have clearly doubled.

Still in terms of startups, in the last year 181 young participants in the D2T Award, the Seed Money-ERDF and “New Entrepreneurship” competitions received grants to transform their innovative business idea into reality. The number of companies in Trentino guided through internationalization activities and of those aimed at approaching foreign markets also increased to more than 200.

And last but not least, investments have been consistently attracted by the local film industry, with the resulting spin-off exceeding the 300% mark, while local tourism promotion led to the development of an integrated holiday systems and new food & wine, sports and cultural proposals to increase between-season tourism.