Trentino leads FlexMan in Italy
August 2022

The European FlexMan project, which improves the digital transformation and flexibility of manufacturing SMEs, has chosen Trento as the Italian location for the training course that will be held from September to December 2022. It is funded by EIT Manufacturing, will be coordinated by the Trentino Innovation Hub Foundation, and will involve Trentino Sviluppo, Cefriel (a nonprofit consortium company founded by the Milan Polytechnic) and other international partners.

The program will be activated simultaneously in three other European cities toghether with Trento: Bilbao in Spain, Grenoble in France and Prague in the Czech Republic.

Are you a manufacturing SME and want to participate in FlexMan?

Send your expression of interest by August 30, 2022 to Trentino Sviluppo:

The program improves local companies flexiblility

FlexMan is the training course that gives right skills to companies in order to be able to foster the adoption of digital technologies and solutions 4.0.

The post-pandemic situation requires manufacturing SME’s to invest more in developing skills, especially in a technical and management perspective. The European training project was created to support companies in evolving processes integrating technology solutions such as:

  • Optimization of operations in the supply chain
  • Reprogramming of production
  • Artificial intelligence applied to predictive maintenance

FlexMan: target jobs, course and how to participate

The program is for manufacturing SME’s that intend to integrate into their companies the necessary skills for gaining greater flexibility and digitization.
People who play key-roles in the promotion and implementation of technological solutions, performing, managing and coordinating technical activities are target partecipants, including:

  • Operations e quality assurance
  • Acquisti e gestione supply chain
  • IT
  • Marketing & sales
  • R&D
  • Legal and administrative

FlexMan will involve companies selected by Trentino Sviluppo in 10 theoretical and practical training modules for a total of 40 hours distributed between September and December 2022.

In the most operative step of the course, SME’s will come in contact with academic realities, artificial intelligence and data management professionals supporting them to develop solutions to previously identified technology integration problems.

Fore more information about Flexman click HERE.

Trentino partners with EIT Manufacturing, the European manufacturing network

FlexMan is funded by EIT Manufacturing, the "Knowledge and Innovation Community" (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which brings together the best players in the European manufacturing industry in innovative ecosystems, aiming  global promotion, competitive manufacturing searching values into products, processes and services.

In spring 2021 Trentino joined the European network dedicated to manufacturing industry, thanks to partnership with HIT - Hub Innovazione Trentino. The local reserch and innovation system due to the deal gains the opportunity to be involved in important initiatives such as FlexMan.