Trentino joins the Munich Network
August 2021

Another important milestone has been reached at international level by Trentino Sviluppo, which has officially joined as an Innovation International partner the prestigious Munich Network. With a broad-based backbone and decades of experience in innovation, technology and industry, it is a tech industry driven private and independent nonprofit organization for promoting collaborative innovation. Munich Network members mostly are leading technology corporations from Germany and abroad, as well as research institutions, investors, consulting firms NGO´s and entrepreneurs. In addition, Munich Network is personally and directly connected with many of the most important technology centers in Germany, in Europe and internationally. This is a great opportunity for the system body of the Autonomous Province of Trento to contribute to the international development of Trentino companies and startups and to promote innovation in the local area.

Munich Network and the Innovation International programme

Trentino Sviluppo has joined the Munich Network by becoming a partner in Innovation International, the initiative to strengthen the international partner network of Startup-Hubs for providing promising tech startups a qualified access to the best of German corporations. Startup-Hubs refers to Technology Cluster and Hubs, Entrepreneurship Center, Science Parks, Incubators, Accelerators, Innovation Center, University Campus, Industrial Parks, Economic Development Agencies, Governmental Organizations dealing with and supporting tech startups, all non-profit organizations. The advantages offered by the Munich Network to partners such as Trentino Sviluppo are first and foremost the drive for innovation by new businesses and the creation of fruitful collaborations with already established companies. The formats for creating these matches are as follows:

  • Venture Form: Opportunity for startups to have a concrete collaboration with a member of the German industry to be discussed in an event with several decision makers outside the strategy and innovation departments;
  • Startup2Industry: Opportunity for startups to organise an exclusive meeting with several German industry players;
  • Innovation Forum: Opportunity for startups to pitch and present themselves in front of many German industry players and investors, showcase their solution at an on-site innovation fair and win an innovation prize at the Innovation Forum;
  • Innovation Platform: A virtual place where startups can present their case in a data room to dedicated industry members. 

The network also offers Trentino Sviluppo, as its partner, many other opportunities, such as increasing the visibility of its innovation hubs (e.g. Progetto Manifattura and Polo Meccatronica), active participation in events organised by Munich Network, extensive coverage of the Trentino Sviluppo brand within the network's initiatives and important support for startup scouting.

Munich Network: the catalyst for innovation

Munich Network connects different groups in the innovation ecosystem by linking the various innovation players:

  • Innovation consumer: the companies that need and demand innovation;
  • Innovation provider: all actors who make their technological innovations available;
  • Innovation enabler: all actors that help to improve and strengthen innovations.

The role of the Munich Network is therefore to be valuable catalyst that accelerates innovation by networking and bringing together important players worldwide who would otherwise struggle to meet. Acting as a non-profit organisation, the network is also independent and neutral and has the sole objective of helping all the players it brings together.