The organic sector in Trentino and the participation in Biofach
February 2023

High mountain pastures. Vineyard-covered valleys. Crystal-clear lakes. Unspoilt forests. In Trentino, one breathes a healthy lifestyle devoted to well-being, where tradition becomes stronger thanks to innovation.

An area where artificial intelligence helps farmers make conscious and reasoned use of water resources.

Where researchers collaborate with farmers to find natural solutions to plant diseases.

Where drones spray the fields with insects instead of herbicides.

Where organic farming is rooted in the past, to grow its fruit in the future.

The organic sector in Trentino

In Trentino the number of companies working in the organic sector is constantly increasing and now exceeds 1,300. The products most represented are

  • fruit and vegetables, with particular reference to apples, grapes and small fruits
  • products derived from milk and meat processing
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • pasta
  • bakery and confectionery products
  • fish
  • craft beer

The constantly growing numbers of the Trentino organic sector go hand in hand with the resources put in place by the Autonomous Province of Trento to support the entire sector. Trentino organic companies can in fact count on qualified support and development services, which include:

  • market analysis
  • mplementation of sales strategies
  • promotion projects in Italy and abroad

These services are organised within #OrganicTrentino, a platform managed by Trentino Sviluppo and dedicated to the promotion of organic products and networking between companies.

Trentino at Biofach

Among the main initiatives which are part of #OrganicTrentino is participation in Biofach, the world's largest organic trade fair. Also this year, for the fifth consecutive time, a selection of local organic companies will fly to Nuremberg to present their products to international customers and visitors. They will do so at the stand organised by Trentino Sviluppo and the Province of Trento, in a System participation aimed at enhancing not only individual companies, but the entire Trentino organic sector. A network where companies and the world of research work in synergy to create cutting-edge products and technologies, with a constant focus also on wellbeing, quality of life and sustainability. 

At stand 4-141 visitors will be able to find the products that symbolise Trentino excellence:

  • apples and processed fruit - Melinda, SFT and TrentoFrutta
  • wine, oil and products derived from olive processing - Corvèe, Agraria Riva del Garda and OlioCRU
  • Trentino cured meats - Salumificio Bomè
  • seasonings - Bauer
  • nutraceutical products derived from honey and bees - Al Naturale

During the four days of the fair, the Trentino companies will also offer targeted in-depth studies on individual products, with tastings, demonstrations, recipes and a show-cooking that will teach the curious and interested customers how to make the most of Trentino organic products on the table.