The Investors Academy of Trentino Sviluppo
The academy dedicated to investors by Trentino Sviluppo at the starting point

The first module of the Investors Academy of Trentino Sviluppo kicked off yesterday, 23 October.

The academy is organized within the StarEU program and is a training course dedicated exclusively to investors. The aim is to put participant professionals in the conditions to be able to skillfully evaluate the merits and defects of a startup or a nascent company. The first meeting was very successful and the feedback was largely positive.

The first module focused on the main methods for evaluating a startup, namely: how to evaluate if it has potential; what issues matter in a business plan; how to understand if a mission and a value proposition anticipate a solid project on which it may be worth investing. The list below is not comprehensive and includes only some of the themes examined by the Investors Academy.

During the second class, scheduled for 20 November, financial and legal issues will be treated in depth, so that participating investors can receive a 360-degree training.