The “Festival Roundtables” – Meteorology Festival 2018
At Progetto Manifattura, 3 roundtables for environment and technology

On 15 November, in the facilities of the green-tech incubator Progetto Manifattura, we will talk about environment and technology during the “Festival Roundtables” event, sponsored by Trentino Sviluppo within the Meteorology Festival 2018.

The event consists in three roundtables comprising researchers, start-ups, companies and accelerators, whose aim is to discuss new emerging technologies and propose innovative collaborative projects.

The themes to be discussed include:

  • Environmental monitoring and climate changes
  • New devices and monitoring networks in agriculture
  • Wireless technologies and big-data processing for energy prediction

Registration is open until 5 November. To express your interest, please send an email to or send a text message consisting of the word “meteo” to 334 6168686.

Download the complete program >>