Road to Zero: The Sustainable Soul of Trentino Companies
February 2022

Four illustrious Trentino businesses known all over the world collaborate with a large car manufacturer under the Invest in Trentino brand to promote their initiatives in support of the environment. An integrated territorial marketing project to support, once again, the commitment to sustainability and the circular economy.

This is Road to Zero, the initiative of Centro Porsche Trento in collaboration with Bonfiglioli, Cantine Ferrari, La Sportiva and Menz&Gasser, which takes viewers through an exciting video-story to discover the entrepreneurial fabric of the Autonomous Province of Trento, which is increasingly green and more sensitive to environmental issues.

Invest in Trentino, the provincial branch committed to attracting investments, immediately accepted the request to lend its own brand for the promotion of the project, whose enormous value it recognises, considering it the trailblazer of future initiatives for the business development of Trentino companies in an innovative and sustainable way. 

Road to Zero: The Genesis of the Project

Road to Zero (the name refers to the path towards the achievement of zero CO2 emissions in the automotive sector) was born within the walls of Centro Porsche Trento from a very specific need: to sponsor the launch of the new Taycan, the first fully electric Porsche car, turning it into the symbol of the evolution undertaken by the car manufacturer towards sustainable mobility. It is a way to emphasise a meaningful shift which, however, to be effective, must become collective. Driving a green car is not enough. It is also necessary to act, think and work within a green perspective so that the much hoped-for change can materialise. In short, we need to think at system level - a system that works well in Trentino, whose territory hosts countless international businesses that have made sustainability their trademark. Centro Porsche Trento selected four of them, involving them in an episodic video story aimed at the simultaneous discovery of Trentino and the green activities promoted by each individual company. All, of course, aboard the new Taycan. 

The integrated marketing of the Autonomous Province of Trento

Road to Zero is a project closely linked to Trentino and its values, and represents a clear example of integrated territorial marketing, to which Invest in Trentino has gladly lent its brand. It is a win-win system, in which all players benefit. On the one hand, the companies and Centro Porsche Trento, by combining their image with that of a territory that has always been attentive to the environment, strengthen the credibility of the project and find a preferential channel to make their sustainability efforts known. On the other hand, the Autonomous Province of Trento has the opportunity to transform this initiative, which involves market leaders at an international level, into a flywheel of attraction towards avant-garde realities that are steadfastly committed to sustainability. 

Companies involved in Road to Zero

The four companies called by Centro Porsche Trento to test the new Taycan together and to discuss how to do business in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, are large Trentino companies known the world over for their innovative power.


Bonfiglioli designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of gearmotors, electric motors, planetary gearboxes and inverters to meet the most complex needs in the industrial automation, mobile machinery and renewable energy sectors. For years, it has been committed to building a more sustainable future on several fronts: reducing the impact of internal processes and, at the same time, working to make products more sustainable. The Rovereto plant, located at the Polo Meccatronica hub, also combines updated health and safety standards with the most recent and innovative energy efficiency solutions: it is housed in a “Class A” building fitted with a 135KW photovoltaic system that meets about 80% of the energy needs of the entire plant, a water recovery system, a 350 kWh natural gas boiler and heating pumps. Read Bonfiglioli’s Sustainability Report.

“In recent years we have developed new products with particular attention to energy efficiency, fuel consumption and the reduction of emissions; in this context, the “Road to Zero” project seemed to be fully aligned with our goal of designing a greener world. While continuing our commitment to contribute to a more sustainable business, we are gradually building new plants and renovating existing ones around the world.”

Sonia Bonfiglioli - Bonfiglioli President

Cantine Ferrari

Founded in 1902 in Trento by Giulio Ferrari, the Ferrari Winery is the leading Classic Method winery in Italy and an ambassador in the world of the Italian Art of Living. The Lunelli family, which has been at the company’s helm since 1952, carries on the founder’s dream without ever compromising quality, remaining faithful to the Classic Method as the only production process and to Trentino as the territory of choice for its vineyards, expressions of sustainable mountain viticulture. This goal led to the organic certification in 2017 of all the vineyards owned by the Winery and to the drafting of a protocol aptly entitled “The Ferrari Vineyard for Sustainable and Healthy Mountain Viticulture”. Other initiatives in support of the environment include the use of electricity from renewable sources (100% in 2021) and an ever greater commitment to saving water resources and protecting the soil. Read Cantine Ferrari’s Sustainability Report.

“We have always lived in this area. Those who produce wine and want to start from the raw material, i.e. grapes, must take care of the territory not only because it is an important factor for the final quality of the products, but because the territory must be protected, enhanced and promoted.”

Marcello Lunelli - Vice Chairman Cantine Ferrari

La Sportiva

La Sportiva is a Trentino-based world leader in the production of climbing shoes and high-altitude mountaneering boots. Founded in 1928 by Narciso Delladio, a shoemaker from Tesero (TN), and made famous all over the world by Francesco Delladio, it is headquartered in Ziano di Fiemme, at the foot of the Dolomites. For over 90 years, it has been conducting its business with the aim of providing the best possible product to those who visit the mountains in any way and at any latitude. In terms of sustainability, La Sportiva focuses on the use of eco-compatible and recycled material, the reuse of climbing boot and shoe processing waste, the purchase of energy from renewable sources, the choice of local suppliers or national companies and the commitment to reduce water consumption. Read La Sportiva’s Sustainability Report.

“The proposal made by Centro Porsche Trento intrigued us because we, who do business at a thousand meters and at the foot of the Dolomites, have always been destined for sustainability. It’s a personal commitment”.

Lorenzo Delladio - La Sportiva CEO


Founded over 80 years ago in Lana (BZ), in Trentino-Alto Adige/Sϋdtirol, Menz&Gasser is the leader in Italy in the production and marketing of jams and marmalades. The ingredients of the Company’s success are indebted to a steadfast Research&Development work, to the high quality of production and to constant investments in innovation and new technologies. The investments concern both the production lines and the plants for self-production of clean and sustainable energy. In terms of sustainability, over 10 million Euro have been invested in recent years in the Novaledo plant, and, in particular, for the systems used for the self-production of clean and renewable energy; LED lighting and photovoltaic panels; latest-generation inverters to reduce system consumption; electric cars available to employees for business trips and e-bikes for employees to travel home/work. Read Menz&Gasser’s Sustainability Report.

“To play an active social role within one's community, to guarantee the well-being of our employees and to commit oneself to defend the environment with concrete actions: this is sustainability for us.”

Matthias Gasser - Menz&Gasser CEO