Renewable Energies and Medtech: Trentino opens up to investors
September 2022

New opportunities are opening up for the Trentino of renewable energy and medtech! Thanks to the close partnership with Crescendo Worldwide, an important business and financial consultancy firm, many initiatives are in the works to give visibility abroad - in particular in Germany and India - to the opportunities that Trentino offers to businesses and investors.

A partnership that opens up new international frontiers

Crescendo Worldwide has been steadfastly committed for years to providing companies with long-term value and sustainable growth to public, private and government agencies. The close partnership with Trentino Sviluppo and the Invest In Trentino team opens many doors at an international level that will promote Trentino as a player in the renewable energy and medtech sectors.

The one-year agreement entails many initiatives aimed, in particular, at investors and businesses that are potentially interested in the development and technologies already available at the provincial level. The first appointment is scheduled for Wednesday 7 September, with a free webinar entitled “Trentino as a strategic location for Renewable Energy”.

FBK and Secure Meters: a testament to Trentino innovation

Thanks to the numerous activities that foster sustainable technological development, the most innovative Trentino moves rapidly in the medtech and renewable energy sectors

The latter, in particular, is best embodied by the funding just received for the development of hydrogen-related sustainable technologies, which the Bruno Kessler Foundation, among others, will utilise to support companies that are currently conducting research activities to develop new systems with a view to identifying alternative materials that are more sustainable and have a decreased impact on supply chains. 

So if, on the one hand, there are those who carry out research and development from within, on the other hand, there are also those who seek to leverage the opportunities offered by the territory, making Trentino their springboard for expansion in Europe.

Such is the case for Secure Meters, an Asian multinational corporation operating in the sector of technologies applied to energy saving. At the beginning of 2022, the company settled in the production spaces of Be Factory, in Progetto Manifattura, attracted by the local innovative ecosystem and the many local companies operating in energy and green efficiency.

Indeed, FBK and Secure Meters will represent the business and investment opportunities available in the Trentino region in the first meeting to be held on Wednesday, 7 September. The webinar will be attended by Suket Singhal, Secure Meters CEO, and Matteo Testi, researcher at the Sustainable Energy Centre of the Bruno Kessler Foundation. Furthermore, the advantages that the “Trentino System” can offer to companies and startups will be at the centre of the presentation by Monica Carotta, Invest In Trentino Unit Head.