Progetto Manifattura and the new sustainability labs
The transformation of the former tobacco factory in Rovereto into a modern centre of industrial innovation does not stop there

Progetto Manifattura, the hub of sustainable innovation: after the transformation of the tobacco drying building into a space dedicated to circular economy companies and of the Ciminiera Building, which will host the degree course in Sports Science, the redevelopment kick-off stages of the former Stampati Warehouse adds another important piece to the transformation of the former Tobacco Factory in Rovereto into one of the most important centers of innovation in Europe.

Be Factory's new production spaces now close to delivery, the future of innovation and industrial production has a new point of reference.


The story of Progetto Manifattura, Trentino Sviluppo's business incubator located in the premises where the largest tobacco factory in the Austro-Hungarian Empire has been operating for more than 150 years, is a story of the redevelopment of a vast industrial area and the transformation of an entire production facility no longer able to continue its activities into a modern innovation centre in which to plan the future of the company.

Today Progetto Manifattura hosts about fifty startups and structured companies active in the sectors of renewable energy, circular economy, green building, sustainable mobility and sport-tech, for a total of about 200 employees and a total turnover of 250 million euros.

international dimension of the Trentino hub is well witnessed by Be Factory, the new low-carbon spaces designed to host innovative companies natural completion of Progetto Manifattura born from the pencil of the Japanese archistar Kengo Kuma and characterized by a contemporary and functional architectural style in which to produce and innovate in a functional, sustainable and innovative environment.

Progetto Manifattura: learn more about the factory of sustainable innovation


Magazzino Stampati comprises an area of about 700 square metres and was built in the 1920s to house the tobacco factory's canteen, kitchens and infirmary.

The new life of the historic Magazzino Stampati will be focused on innovation and sustainability: the date set for the completion of the redevelopment works is set in spring 2021. The spaces will house a modern laboratory center for industrial research on sustainability, clean energy, environmental and climate change monitoring, the sports industry and smart building.

700 square meters dedicated to Trentino’s Research System: the new laboratories will be managed by Trentino Sviluppo in collaboration with Fondazione Bruno Kessler and the University of Trento.