MobyGIS wins the European Copernicus Incubation program
50,000 thousand Euro in prize money at the startup based in Pergine Valsugana, in the BIC of Trentino Sviluppo

The 2018 Copernicus Incubation Program speaks Italian. The prestigious competition for startups and innovative hubs was won by MobyGIS, established in the Pergine Valsugana’s Business Innovation Center, jointly with Trentino Sviluppo. The startup, founded by Engineer Matteo Dall'Amico in 2014, was awarded € 50,000, to be used to refine its own Eddimap application, a system for quantifying large-scale water resources that integrates different types of data such as satellite images, weather forecasts and data recorded by ground stations.

Called by the European Commission the “Google Maps of water”, Eddimap is currently used by avalanche centers and the Alpine arc basin authorities, and lends itself to multifaceted uses in the fields of civil protection, tourism, winter sports, as well as of agricultural irrigation and hydroelectric industry. And after the victory of Copernicus the startup, that is already active in the Alps and Apennines, aims to extend the use of the device to new mountain ranges, such as the Pyrenees and the Carpathians.