Investor Day 2023
May 2023

A stage, 6 startups and a handful of minutes to create a spark with over one hundred investors. These are the ingredients of the success of Investor Day, the initiative with which Trentino Sviluppo has been supporting and accompanying innovative business ideas in their fundraising and networking process for four years. The matching event was held on Thursday 18 May in the splendid setting of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rovereto and was attended by interesting companies from emerging sectors such as healthtech, medicine, agitech, renewable energies, environmental monitoring and smart building.


Investor Day and Investor Track

Investor Day is a matching opportunity with investors, funds and business angels from all over Italy promoted by Trentino Sviluppo to foster the growth and competitiveness of innovative startups and small high-tech companies in the area, with a turnover of less than €2 million.

The initiative is structured in two phases: 

  • Investor Track: a 16-hour training course in preparation for the meeting with investors and dedicated to the topics of finance and fundraising
  • Investor Day: the actual matching event during which startups present their business ideas to an audience of investors, who can intervene at the end of the pitches with questions and clarifications on individual projects

The Investor Day is part of a wide-ranging project with which Trentino constantly stimulates the birth and growth of innovative and high-tech companies in its territory. To do this, over the years it has put in place accompanying projects and training courses that complement and integrate each other, creating a real network of interlinked services for companies. An example of this is the close connection that the initiative has with Trentino Startup Valley. In fact, four of the companies that spoke from the stage at this year's Investor Day came from there, from the Trentino Sviluppo and Fondazione Hub Innovazione Trentino pathway that helps new entrepreneurs realise their dreams.

The 6 startups of Investor Day 2023

  • Meeva - uses virtual reality to help children with neurodevelopmental disorders 
  • Mint - makes golf course lawnmowers 'smart' against diseases and grass pests
  • Ruma - identifies reforestation strategies based on the amount of carbon captured 
  • Onebra - offers customised 3D-printed cups for breast asymmetries 
  • Windcity - produces a passive variable geometry microhelium turbine 
  • Nocotù - develops an anchoring system for modular passive houses