Industrial AI Challenge: the contest for improving production processes with artificial intelligence
June 2021

The Industrial AI Challenge, the new innovation contest aimed at companies wishing to learn about the benefits of artificial intelligence applied to data and challenges affecting industrial production processes, has arrived. The initiative is organised by Hit - Hub Innovazione Trentino in collaboration with the University of Trento, FBK - Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Confindustria Trento, Trentino Sviluppo and DIH - Digital Innovation Hub Trentino Alto-Adige/Südtirol. Technical partners: Microsoft Azure and Asystom

Industrial AI Challenge: how it works

From 24 September to 10 December 2021 five companies will have the opportunity to work with teams of university students supported by researchers and startups. The companies will have to propose a challenge to optimise or solve an industrial problem that they hypothesise can be solved thanks to advanced data analysis of the corresponding processes. The Challenge will also allow companies to sensor machinery and production lines to collect additional data for analysis. 

Challenges should cover the following areas: 

  • logistics and supply chain
  • production planning 
  • quality control;
  • predictive maintenance;
  • automation and robotics. 

The teams, composed of students from different departments of the University of Trento, will analyse data with advanced statistical techniques and develop predictive models based on Machine Learning, to maximise the ability of companies to predict failures, schedule maintenance, optimise operations planning in the supply chain, logistics and production.

Industrial AI Challenge: how to participate

Interested companies can apply for the Industrial AI Challenge until 2 July 2021 by CLICKING HERE
For more information write to: