An intelligent microscope in the biomedical field
It will be developed in the Mechatronics Hub to address patients’ needs

Identifying diseases remotely and in real time even during surgical procedures and detect viruses in an immediate and sustainable way.

These are the objectives of the Nano-Eye Device (NED), a biomedical solution that will be developed in Trentino thanks to a matching fund agreement entered into today between Trentino Sviluppo, the NET investor group and the NTP - Nano Tech Projects startup. An internationally recognized company from the Marche region born of the world of research, NTP Nano Tech Projects is now ready to leave its mark in Trentino as well. Indeed, the company has agreed to a total capital increase of 650,000 Euro, 70% of which from private investors and 30% from Trentino Sviluppo.

The investment agreement is aimed at developing in the Mechatronics Hub this new device, meant to respond to concrete needs in the healthcare field through integrated and connected systems supporting both physicians and patients.

The expansion plan agreed with Trentino Sviluppo envisages the increase of the personnel assigned to the Mechatronics Hub to 9 units, and a significant focus on the automation of the diagnostic processes and on the engineering of consumables.