4 days congress with high-level conferences and workshops

Virtual conferences and workshops July 12th-15th 2021

What will the off-highway vehicles of the future be like? What will the construction sites and quarries of the future be like? How will their impact on the environment change?

Large vehicles will be increasingly sustainable and hi-tech to meet the growing demand for global use without undermining the health of the planet. The synergy between companies, institutions and universities is fundamental.

Researchers, entrepreneurs, technicians and students together at Inn4Mech 2021 for four days with conferences and workshops dedicated to the most advanced frontiers of mechatronics.

Inn4Mech is going to be virtual: every day will offer two sessions distributed among plenaries, parellel sessions and workshops. You can book a single session, a single day or the whole Inn4Mech program.

Agenda Inn4Mech 2021

Inn4Mech hosts six plenary sessions focused on Future Workspaces, Circular Economy and Open Innovation, followed by round tables with the possibility of Q&As for the speakers.

There will be four technical workshops, each alternating academic studies and industrial experiences regarding Green Machines, New Materials and Processes, Smart Technologies and Smart Machines.

Networking sessions will be organized to foster the establishment of R&D partnerships among participants. B2Bs and virtual exhibition stands are enhanced and available for attendees with sponsors, partners, patronages and attendees themselves.

The participation to the EEN Brokerage event is free of charge, for more information click here.

Agenda Inn4Mech

Download the complete program (PDF 2.5MB)

Participation fees

  • 3-days-package + day 4  € 300 + VAT (if applicable)
  • 1-day-package + day 4  € 130 + IVA (if applicable)
  • 3-days-package + day 4 student € 100 + IVA (if applicable)
  • 1-day-package + day 4 student € 50 + IVA (if applicable)