The organic enterprises from Trentino who will participate in Biofach e-SPECIAL

The company produces fruit-based snacks and products that are tasty, healthy and without added sugar or preservatives or colouring, made from only accurately selected, high quality Trentino apples. Mousses, bars and dried apple slices are ideal, ready-to-eat products for snacking at any time and for everyone.


A winery and oil mill in the Trentino part of Lake Garda; it produces organic white and red wines of protected denomination of origin and ULIDEA extra virgin olive oil made from organic olives. It pays great attention to the quality of its products and uses state of the art equipment in all of its production departments.


The company started its activity in 1962 as a small town delicatessen shop and quickly became one of Trentino’s major companies for the production and sale of top quality Speck. Over time it has expanded its assortment of products and started exporting to foreign markets thanks to the achievement of important product certifications, such as Halal. The organic line includes Speck, smoked bacon and carne salada (pickled beef).


For three generations it has been producing a wide range of fresh and aged cheeses using mainly mountain milk. It produces Organic Asiago DOP (with protected denomination of origin) in various stages of ripening: fresh, semi-ripe and ripe, as well as Grana Padano DOP made from Trentino milk.


Since 1994 the company has been producing a vast and complete range of products derived from the pressing of apples grown in Val di Non, a valley in the heart of the Dolomites: apple juice, apple cider, apple vinegar and balsamic apple vinegar. Starting this year, it also produces a new wellness line with ready-to-drink vinegar in various flavours. The company also produces hand-made organic beer.


The Melinda consortium with its 4,000 partners producing around 440,000 tons of apples is one of the largest companies in the fruit production sector in Italy (covering about 20% of the national production) and in Europe. With a focus on sustainability in all of its apple production, harvest and conservation phases, it has inaugurated the first underground controlled temperature warehouse excavated in rock for the natural conservation of its apples. Organic production currently involves the Golden, Fuji, Gala and Rennet varieties.


This company harvests olives from the Garda Trentino area and transforms them into products of excellence: not only an extra virgin olive oil from the Trentino part of Lake Garda that is considered to be one of the 20 best olive oils in the world, but also complementary products using all parts of the olives, such as an olive paté and a special paste made from the olives’ skin and flesh, called ‘molche’, as well as a patented probiotic olive flour abounding in polyphenols, fiber and minerals to be used for cooking well-balanced dishes and as a natural food supplement.


A winery that produces innovative wine and wine-related products from resistant grape varieties and using ancestral vinification methods. It proposes Zero Infinito, a wine born of the hills of Valle di Cembra from resistant varieties without any kind of treatment applied during cultivation or vinification. It also produces a grappa and a vinegar made from Zero Infinito. This year it is launching Cremisi, an ancestral rosé wine made from resistant varieties.


This company transforms mainly Italian fresh and frozen fruit into semi-finished products for the industry and into various types and formats of finished products for export to international markets. It produces mainly with private labels and can meet any requirements and specific requests of the customer while complying with the strictest quality standards ato all stages, from raw material selection to product manufacture.