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August 30, 2016

Trentino Collaborations @ Tent London

( Source: Trentino Sviluppo Story: Events )

Trentino Collaborations is an exciting new initiative connecting British designers with Trentino based manufacturers. These collaborations allow designers to use industrial and handcraft processes to create design-led, cutting edge works. The new creations will be launched at London Design Fair, September 22-25.

Trentino Collaborations

Trentino Collaborations represents an initiative that offers activities aiming at fostering the development, promotion, and marketing of new home products by forging partnerships between local enterprises, designers working in London, and Tent Exhibition, the trade fair company organising the event Tent London & Super Brands London, which takes place in London on September 22-25.

Trentino Collaborations connected four British designers with four Trentino based manufacturers to create new products for retail. Here the results of this collaboration.


Porphyry, the contemporary stone

02_AS_1302 - Copia

Working with manufacturers of the famous Italian stone Porphry, Millers approach to this collaboration has been to use experience and experimentation with surface and light composition. This allows the design of pieces that truly celebrate Porphry as a material.

This stone has been overlooked in contemporary design and our objective is to re-contextualise it and to beautify the perception of this intriguing material. The work consists of a free standing framed screen which allows playful adaption by the user, as well as a wall-based marquetry design in varied colours and textures.

Read the description of this project: Porphyry the contemporary stone.pdf 48.81 kB

Visit the dedicated website >>


The leather furniture made in Italy and 100% natural


This collaboration between Lucy Kurrein and Molinari is a celebration of expert leatherworking techniques. Lucy aims to draw parallels with household leather objects, such boxing gloves and basketballs.

According to Lucy these objects “radiate durability and craftsmanship”. She decided to focus on punch bags because of their uncanny human proportions.

Read the description of this project: The leather furniture made in Italy and 100% natural.pdf 39.97 kB

Visit the dedicated website >>


Tradition and design: granite from the Dolomites


This collaboration between Max Lamb and Pedretti Graniti culminates in a three-dimensional demonstration of the skills, techniques and facilities of Pedretti Graniti. A celebration of the natural beauty of Tonalite Granite, and a showcase of the range of finishes available.

To achieve this, Max will be employing both modern and traditional techniques to achieve the desired effect. These include CNC Milling; feather and wedge splitting; lathe turning and hand chiselling.

Read the description of this project: Tradition and design - granite from the Dolomites.pdf 41.44 kB

Visit the dedicated website >>


The natural essence of Trentino in your home


Through this collaboration, Sebastian wanted to reflect the diversity of woven vessels that he encountered through researching the rich heritage of Trentino. The designer was fascinated by the intertwining technique typical to the Trentino valleys, once used to make baskets and “gerle” (conical wicker baskets).

For this collaboration, Sebastian will be using his sensitivity for wood combined with the expertise of Arte Del Legno to produce modular furniture. The advantage of this is that it can be customised to specific spaces and needs - in keeping with Arte Del Legno’s design methods. The furniture will be made from larch wood will be a stark accompaniment to the intertwining woven elements.

Read the description of this project:  The natural essence of Trentino in your home.pdf 68.30 kB

Visit the dedicated website >>


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