May 05, 2015

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visited Trento-based FBK

"We need for your ideas to travel big time"- said Prime Minister Matteo Renzi greeting the researchers of Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Povo, at the end of his visit.

The greeting speech to FBK researchers - Photo by M. Lucianer

"One wish I make for you, which is also a request: we need people that do not feel sorry for themselves - said Mr Renzi - because you are people able to innovate, to be curious, to experiment. This is research today: it is the idea to never be satisfied, perhaps sometimes even making blunders. Those who do research know that experimenting can make you follow tracks that will not lead to anything but through trying, getting involved, enjoying with energy and courage the flavor of tomorrow. So, the Italian government should do more on their part. We will do it. In this area, the Province of Trento is a symbol. But what I ask of you is not to let alone the usual officials in charge and politicians to deal with these things. We need that citizens speak up, first of all with the desire to unleash their curiosity. "

"We need to get even more resources from outside - said Mr Renzi - and to do that we need for your ideas to travel big time. So I wish you success at your work, good luck from the bottom of my heart, bring us some invention and let's meet again soon."


February 09, 2013

FBK's research on the national RAI TV network

FBK's research on the national RAI TV network Read full article

February 05, 2013

Nobel laureate Michael Spence,opens “Bruno Kessler Lectures”

Michael Spence, professor at New York University and Nobel prize winner of Economics for 2001, will inaugurate the “Bruno Kessler Lectures” Read full article

January 16, 2013

Minister Profumo inaugurated TIFPA research centre

The Trento-based INFN National Center has been inaugurated in the presence of minister Profumo. Read full article

April 17, 2012

Not only research: applications for the quality of life

FBK airs on RAI - RADIO 2, on Tuesday, April 17 2012 at 3.00 p.m. Read full article


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