April 14, 2017

Foreigners as "antidote" to risk of depopulation

In a country as Italy in demographic "decline" the population has grown only due to immigrants


In a country as Italy in demographic "decline" with a number of births ever so low since 1861, there are 841 municipalities where in the last five years (2010-2015) the population has grown only due to immigrants. This is part of an analysis of Censis conducted in the scope of the program "Emerge from hibernation: solutions for a good growth." The analysis of Censis also talks about the decline of the births of children from foreign parents being recorded for these last several years. The data: from the 72,096 children born from two foreign parents in 2015 to the 61,000 estimated in 2016, with a decrease of 15.3%.


August 26, 2014

Italy, "stable" immigration

the "bulk" of the 5 million immigrants in Italy is composed mainly by families Read full article

June 24, 2014

"Ethnic" shopping

6 million Italians regularly make purchases in the so called "ethnic” stores, The data are from a study of CENSIS. Read full article

December 13, 2012

Nationality for foreign minors

72% of Italians in favour Read full article

August 29, 2012

“Small invisible slaves”

The data emerges in the new Save the Children report entitled “ “Small invisible slaves 2012” Read full article


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