September 23, 2013

4 apps to make Trentino Winter Universiade a unique event

Trentino Winter Universiade 2013 will provide its participants and audience with 4 useful mobile applications especially carried out by Trentino ICT hub to warranty a no-limits visibility to the 26th WU.  

4 apps to make Trentino Winter Universiade a unique event

Their communicative action has to be added to the one carried out by website that, before December 11, will show graphical evolutions and content aimed at warrantying easy accessibility and easy reading (with English and Italian texts) to internet user interested in getting further details on the 78 competitions and on the several side events already scheduled for Trentino 2013.

  • The official app Trentino 2013 will be available both for iOS and Android systems and will convey official and up to date information on the competitions of the 26th Winter Universiade. Furthermore, it will provide real time info about Trentino territory and, for example, its transport network. The app will also be a platform for sharing media content as photos, videos and posts via the most famous social networks and through Trentino 2013’ chat connecting its users.
  • Trento RISE took care of  “la Scheda Atleta”; this project is aimed at creating an online space dedicated to Trentino WU’s protagonists. A communication platform available for mobile devices. Its goal is establishing, through social media use, a communication tool for sport people enabling and facilitating knowledge, communication and socialisation. This app, in fact, does not point to create ex novo a new social network but, instead, to carry out and provide to sport people a tool to integrate already existing online communities. 
  • Smart Campus developed the Volunteers app (available for Android devices), a strategic project for Trento RISE. It aims at providing useful information about Universiade (venues, events, etc.) and at improving volunteers contribute, both in term of organisation and communication (both internal among volunteers and among volunteers and organisators). Once downloaded the app, each volunteer will be able to: visualise its scheduled daily meeting; consult a list of responsible persons and of their contacts; send/receive notifications to/by a colleague and linked to specific area of activity; sending SMS to a list of responsible persons for specific issues;
  • Trentino Accessibile app, launched during Fiemme 2013 Nordic Ski World Championships, aims at making WU accessible to people with disabilities the biggest event Trentino ever hosted. Thanks to a website and to this freely downloadable app (both for Android and Apple), people with disabilities will be provided with all information related to public, commercial, and competition structures’ accessibility, all filtered trough the kind of disability indicated by its user and according to his/her geolocalisation. Currently, the app has information about more than 1.500 structures and 250 more hosting WU competition and activities are currently under cataloguing. Thanks to Context Aware- Trentino Accessibile project, Trentino keeps on going through the path leading it to be a smart territory. The project, funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento, and promoted by Health and welfare provincial ministry, was carried out thanks to the collaboration of Informatica Trentina, FBK, Almaviva and the social cooperative HandiCrea. People interested in using this app can download it register at 


December 12, 2013

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September 18, 2013

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July 24, 2013

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