December 01, 2016

2017 Trento Economics Festival: the Health Gap is the topic

Revealed in Trento the key theme for the 12th edition of the Trento Economics Festival (TEF) scheduled on June 1st – 4th 2017: “The Health Gap”, that is how unequal condition in health are more effecting and crucial than income level for human wellbeing. Introducing leading features of the TEF next edition Tito Boeri, founder of the Festival other than chairman at the National Institute for Social Security, together with main partners of the event: Ugo Rossi, governor of Trentino, Andrea Robol on behalf of Trento municipality, and Paolo Collini, dean of the University of Trento.

Revealed the key theme for the 12th edition of the Trento Economics Festival

“There are dramatic differences in health between countries and within countries – explains Boeri –, but this is not a simple matter of rich and poor. To have an idea, in Gabon there is a 5 out of 100 death rate at birth, while in the US the same indicator is a 5 out of 1,000. At the same time, in the US life expectation in rural areas is 30 years lower compared to people living in urban areas”. It can be easily deduced that health is not only a problem of medical science, but it needs an approach from an economic point of view too. “While I was thinking about the TEF next edition theme – confides Boeri -, I was inspired by a book: “The Health Gap – the challenge of unequal world” by Sir Michael Marmot, eminent epidemiologist and world famed expert in Public Health, professor at the University College London (UCL). And I can reveal in advance that professor Marmot himself will be one of our special guest in Trento on June 2017”. One of the others key speakers at the next edition of TEF disclosed by Boeri will be Alvin Eliot Roth, Nobel Prize for Economics in 2012 and professor at the Stanford University, while the full program of the event will be shown on May 2017.

“Health care is a main tool in order to guarantee equal level of wellbeing to the citizens of a territory – adds governor Rossi – but at the same time an outstanding public health system (often seen just as a cost) can be turned into a driver for economic development as well as into a factor able to improve the competitiveness of a land as our Trentino. So, the theme chosen by professor Boeri for the 2017 edition of the TEF fits at the perfection the vocation of our territory”.

“Vocation of affording big issues as well – agrees Robol, in charge of Culture for the Municipality of Trento – since during the last decade the TEF gave a great contribution to the development and improvement of cultural debate in our town, building up a real “community of the Festival”. And Trento as a capital city for Culture in 2018 (if confirmed) can be proudly considered as an offspring of the Festival”.

“TEF is becoming more and more a core for debating on economics – states dean Collini – and we as University of Trento are enthusiastic about it for a couple of reason: first because the Festival is a matchless occasion for students, second because the event itself is even more crowded by young generations”. “Yet, health is a so wide issue – concludes Andrea Fracasso, in charge for relation between TEF and University – that needs necessarily a multidisciplinary approach as well as different competencies: other than technical and medical point of view, it is unavoidable to refer to economic and ethic issues”.


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