Biocompatible construction, renewable energy, sustainable living

Habitech is first Italian cluster for energy and the environment, comprised of more than 300 companies, research organisations and institutions, which together count for approximately 8,000 employees and a turnover of about 1 billion euros. Approximately 60,000 square meters of covered workspace is available to businesses in both historic buildings and new constructions by Progetto Manifattura - Green Innovation Factory. Furthermore, the network also includes 385 hydroelectric plants, 126 watts per capita of electricity provided by photovoltaic panels, more than 1,000 trees per inhabitant and ARCA Comfort Environment Architecture, the first certification system for timber construction.
Over time, the constraints and requirements relating to the protection of Trentino's natural environment, which, situated in the heart of the Dolomites, have been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, have been transformed into a strong stimulus for the development of new ways to design, produce and sell goods and services that combine innovation and environmental sustainability.
This unique range of factors has means that today Trentino can boast a 1st class technological and production system in the field of green technologies and in particular in the field of sustainable wood, renewable energy and so-called smart technologies related to sustainable mobility.


Green and wood building, timber tech

The future is in new materials, designs and construction techniques capable of providing adequate energy performance, but also high standards of safety, comfort and respect for the environment. Read full article