As part of the “Trentino Digitale” project, an 900 km fibre optic infrastructure is currently being completed, supplementing the 700 wireless access points already available in the region and ensuring coverage even in the most remote areas.

By the end of 2012, Trentino will be the only region in Italy ensuring broadband availability for 100% of the population, offering an advanced telecommunications infrastructure with connection speeds of 20 Mbps to both businesses and citizens.

The new communications structure will be among the most extensive in Europe and will allow for the launching of innovative services such as telediagnostics for hospitals and a single digital health system, with new opportunities for businesses and access to “world wide” knowledge for young people. 

Some figures:

  • a digital backbone of more than 900 km fibre optic
  • 90 network nodes
  • 500 free wi-fi areas, including 80 mountain lodges
  • 1.284 public offices connected to the network
  • 20 Mb/s exchange points
  • Trentino Testbed project

Thanks to this resources Trentino becomes a cutting edge territory in the field of broadband and new technologies, being thus able to be the "hub for the future.

A 100% fibre optic territory

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