In Trentino, 83% of administrative procedures and 75% of tax procedures are processed in less than 90 days. In 2010, 86% of payments were carried out within a month, with an average of 10 days per transaction. The simplification of administrative procedures and the digitisation of services provided for businesses and citizens are seen as fundamental to increasing competitiveness. A special plan of action for the reduction of red tape involves cutting a further 25% in the cost of procedures incurred by companies, through the use of data transmission technology, simplification of procedures and the setting of a 30 day limit for payments due to creditors.

For example, in 2012, 53% of administrative procedures were completed within 30 days, whereas the 19% in 60 days. Furthermore, in 2012, the 91% of payment of creditors by the public administration is accomplished within 30 days of termination of the procedure. It has, moreover, to be stressed that the average time of payment of creditors by the public administration is of 10 days.

Index for measuring enterpirse's quality of life

There are approximately 49,000 enterprises active in Trentino, almost 10 for every 100 inhabitants – organised within a network and united by a long-standing tradition of cooperative societies. In Trentino, the economy is based on people; on their ideas, their values and their cultural and professional skills.

From the industrial point of view, Trentino is characterized by a highly diversified system: from ICT to mechanical engineering, from the food and agriculture chain to sustainable building and the timber industry, the economic system is able to boast many acknowledged cases of excellence in numerous production chains.

Trento is one of the cities in Italy where the quality of life is best. This is borne out by the surveys on quality of life conducted annually by the Sole 24 Ore and Italia Oggi newspapers. The extraordinarily favourable living conditions in Trentino, and in its capital city, Trento, are also confirmed in European rankings: in particular the Urban Audit survey, which compares 80 European cities with populations between 80 thousand and 150 thousand, confirms that the quality of life in Trento is among the highest in Europe. Proof of this prosperity is the GDP per capita of 30,700 euro (as opposed to the Italian average of 26,000 euro), an unemployment rate that is half the national average, and a low level of disparity in the distribution of income.

In Trentino the natural environment really does make the difference: 60% of the territory is covered by forests, and there are 200 alpine lakes, 3 nature parks and the Dolomites, the second natural site in Italy, after the Aeolian Islands, to be acknowledged by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. Not only does tourism in Trentino provide a great opportunity to experience unique and genuine beauty, it also offers all the economic, commercial and investment opportunities provided by the arrival of over 5 million visitors every year.