Doing business is easy in Trentino

Thanks to investments in research and development which count for more than 190 million euro per year in the public and private sector, with unparalleled incentives including up to 80% of funding and up to 3 million euros per project for applied research.

Thanks to innovative technologies, such as the 900 km optical fibre broadband network. Thanks to the vocational training system, employment incentives and professional training (up to 3 thousand euros per employee).

Thanks to targeted incentives, including up to 30% of fixed investments and the reduction of the regional production tax (IRAP) from 3.9% to 0.9%, combined with low levels of red tape, with a record of 83% of bureaucratic procedures executed with 30 days and timely payments by the public administration.

Key Facts's data summary
R&D yearly investment (more than) €190M
Applied research incentives up to 80% 
Applied research funding up to € 3M
Km of optical fibre broadband network 900
Employment incentives and professional training  up to €3.000 per employee
Fixed investment  up to 30%
IRAP (regional production tax) relief  0.9% (the national one is of 3.9%)
Bureaucratic procedures executed within 30 days  83%
Per capita GDP 22% higher than the European average

[Source: Statistics Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento]

Not to mention other significant interventions at the systemic level such as the Greentech and Mechatronic technology hubs.

This is why Trentino - situated in the heart of the Alps, a “bridge” between Northern and Southern Europe  and where Italian traditions are balanced with its Austro-Hungarian past - can boast levels of prosperity and quality of life which are among the highest in Italy and Europe (GDP per capita is 22% higher than the European average).

Trentino: where it's good to live and work.


May 05, 2015

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visited Trento-based FBK (Source: Fondazione Bruno Kessler)

"We need for your ideas to travel big time"- said Prime Minister Matteo Renzi greeting the researchers of Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Povo, at the end of his visit

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November 12, 2014

TEDxTrento 2014: Creativity and Diversity

TEDxTrento, the independently organized TED event, returns to Trento for its second edition. This year's theme: "Creativity and Diversity". Read full article

November 07, 2014

BIC Week: Business Incubators opet their doors

November 17-20: four days to discover the companies and the services offered by Trentino Sviluppo. Read full article

September 01, 2014

Eco-Sistemi: Trentino represents Italy @ World Water Week

Eco-Sistemi represents Italy at the World Water Week taking place in Stockholm on August 31- September 5 2014. This year the 21 edition of this special Week addresses the topic "Energy & Water". Read full article

August 26, 2014

Summer 2014: 6 movies shot in Trentino

In Summer 2014 Trentino is hosting the shooting of 6 movies supported by the Trentino Film Commission. Read full article

August 17, 2014

Gardasolar’s electric boats & bikes: from Dubai to Santiago

During Dubai Boat Show 2014 GardaSolar’s GOGO boat, designed and produced in Trentino, attracted the interest of very special international buyers, the royal families of Dubai e Abu Dhabi. Read full article

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Brochure: Doing Business in Trentino

Brochure: Doing Business in Trentino

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