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The University of Trento is a small-medium university with about 16.000 students, 700 PhD students, 560 professors and researchers and 600 persons working in the technical and administrative area.
In its 50 years of history the University of Trento has been known for the quality of its research and teaching and for its marked mobility of students and professors to and from abroad. It offers an ideal environment for research and studying as well as services designed to cater for the needs of the individual.
The University of Trento is one of the leading Italian universities (it is top in the ranking 2011 published by the newspaper “La Repubblica” and made by Censis - Centre for Social Investment Studies).


The research activity takes place in 15 Research departments and centres and about 70 laboratories, as well as in spin off and start up enterprises helping knowledge and technology transfer from university to the world of enterprises.
The University is known for its ability to obtain international funds for research.
Scientific research is a fundamental element for the good reputation of the University, the driving force behind the quality of education and the prime mover in the development of Trentino research.
The research activity involves 3 macro areas: the scientific-technological, the economic-juridical and the humanistic-literary areas.
In the scientific-technological area, among the most interesting fields for enterprises are ICT, materials science, civil and environmental engineering, mechatronics, physics, and mathematics. In particular, in recent years the University has been investing in the life sciences:

have recently been instituted.


Conscious of its medium-small size, the University of Trento has always chosen to propose a limited but excellent educational offer and to create international alliances to offer students a lot of opportunities to make study experiences abroad, complementary to their study courses.
Beside the educational offer in Italian the University offers 10 master courses entirely held in English: Economics, International Management, Innovation Management, Management-EMBS (European Master in Business Studies), Physics, Computer Science, Cognitive Sciences, Mathematics, Telecommunication Engineering, European and international studies.

The educational offer also includes 15 doctorate programmes in which almost 700 students are enrolled. About 40% of them come from abroad.

Doctoral School
Biomolecular Sciences
Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Comparative and European legal studies
Economics and Management (within the School in Social Sciences)
Engineering of Civil and Mechanical Structural Systems
Environmental engineering
Information and Communication Technology
International Studies
Local Development and Global Dynamics (within the School in Social Sciences)
Materials Science and Engineering
Psychological Sciences and Education
Sociology and Social Research (within the School in Social Sciences)


October 06, 2015

The University of Trento among the top 200 in the world (Source: The University of Trento)

The University of Trento managed to enter among the top 200 universities in the world, it says THE - Times Higher Education 2015/2016 ranking.


September 07, 2014

A tool to welcome tourists: a new guide designed by OKKAM

An electronic guidebook designed by the UniTrento spin-off to visit Bethlehem with your smart phone or tablet. The city will have a new tool to better welcome and serve its incoming tourists very day. Read full article

August 07, 2014

Falling walls lab 2014, Innovative ideas changing our future

The upcoming Falling Walls Lab will be held at the University of Trento, on 3 October. Italy will host it for the first time. The Lab is aimed at selecting the best innovative ideas submitted by young talents, in all scientific sectors. Read full article

August 04, 2014

Quality of life: Trento in the world's top10 smart cites

IEEE Smart Cities Initiative selected Trento as 1 of the world’s 10 smart cities. It will be a lab to apply solutions to citizens' everyday problems: from traffic to pollution, from economic development to the sustainable management of natural resources. Read full article

February 19, 2014

Dept of Physics bets on youth and international research

The Department of Physics of the University of Trento, the original scientific core for research in Trentino, is now facing new challenges. It looks for excellence in education and for the diffusion of scientific culture. Read full article

February 11, 2014

Master in Telecommunications Engineering

Call for Applications 2014/2015 for Non – EU citizens living abroad Read full article

January 16, 2014

IEEE Italy School of Career Boosting

Trento, February 10-14, 2014 Read full article

January 16, 2014

CIVIS: better consumption, less waste and pollution

The project "CIVIS: cities as the engine prompting social change" is aimed at energy saving through the active participation of the community. Read full article

November 20, 2013

UNI.Sport programmes broadcast on Eurosport - Campus

The TV network Eurosport broadcast a detailed programme on the University of Trento and its programmes devoted to sports, during the monthly TV programme Campus. Read full article

November 05, 2013

Inauguration of Contamination Lab Trento

Trento’s Newest Innovative Space Read full article

October 11, 2013

The University of Trento and Brembo for the REBRAKE project

The objective is the collection of information and technology on the potential environmental pollution in the immediate proximity of the urban and extra-urban road network. Read full article

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