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TechPeaks: Trentino's €13M people accelerator

Trentino is ready to welcome more than 100 talented young ICT innovators that will participate in Techpeaks- the people accelerator. The selected participants will stay in Trento, meeting entrepreneurs, managers, financial world operators and investors that will help them to grow and get ready to participate in the market with new startups. 

Tech Peaks project is promoted by Trento Rise together with Trentino Sviluppo and with the participation, as consultant, of Earlybird Venture Capital.The main aim of this people accelerator is providing technologically talented people with an opportunity, attracting young innovators, coming from all over the world, in Trentino, making this territory a European hub for ICT startups.

Trento RISE will select TechPeaks’ participants (about 100) according to highly meritocratic criteria. The project is aimed at ICT talents, especially at young developers and designers. It will be paid particular attention to Eastern European countries because of their highly promising characteristics.

The aim is launching about 30 ICT entrepreneurial projects.

Application can be sent from February 5th 2013 to April 5th 2013. The selection results will be published within April 30th.

For further information please visit (of which there’s already a splash page) that will be active within January 25th .