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Investintrentino.it (the "Site") is the website of  the Autonomous Province of Trento. The site provides a representation of the uniqueness of  Trentino and aims at being a stage for the international promotion of our territorial best practices.

The website has four sections – Business, Innovation and Research, Territory and Government. You will find all the information to get in touch with the main public institutions and, most importantly, with the all the opportunities and services Trentino offers to the best entrepreneurs.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

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By way of example, but by no means exhaustive, Site content is to be understood as: texts, photographs, videos, databases, layouts, audio files, any type of graphics and/or text in general.
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The contents of the Site may not, therefore, be copied and/or reproduced in whole or in part without the express permission of the Autonomous Province of Trento, except and exclusively for personal or educational purposes.

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It should be noted that the Site's pages may contain brand names, domain names, company names or other signs owned by third parties with whom the Autonomous Province of Trento has various types of agreement and who have authorised the Province to use them on the Site: any reproduction or other use is prohibited.

Downloading of material from the Site is permitted only if expressly authorised by apposite indication on the web page; such authorisation is only applicable for personal and non-commercial use of the downloaded material, any other form of use being strictly prohibited.
The Autonomous Province of Trento informs users that it is absolutely forbidden to make use of any distinctive sign owned by the Province, such as metatags and/or any html command, which, while enabling the display or formatting of a given command, in any case give instructions to electronic agents or search engines increasing the rankings of sites which do not lead back to the Autonomous Province of Trento.

In this regard it should be noted that any violation of what is laid down in this article constitutes conduct which is also punishable under the law of unfair competition, governed by the relevant regulations in force.

 External links

The Autonomous Province of Trento accepts no responsibility for sites that can be accessed via links on its web pages, these being provided only as a service to users.

The Province accepts no responsibility for information obtained by accessing linked external websites, the completeness and accuracy of which is the responsibility of the owners of these sites.
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The Autonomous Province of Trento takes the utmost care in updating the information contained on its web pages. However, given the multitude of sources used and the many pages comprising the website, it cannot guarantee that the content is complete or up-to-date nor that the Site is free from technical problems related to the functioning of the archives used.

The Province accepts no responsibility for any harmful consequences, direct or indirect, arising from the use of information however provided through the Site, nor for any interruptions to the service.
The Province reserves the right to modify and update the said content without prior notice and at its own discretion.