About Us

Investintrentino.it is a website promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento, with the aim of presenting and promoting internationally the many opportunities for investors and partners which the economic, scientific and technological system in Trentino offers. The site has been created therefore to provide insight and operational information relating to international activity in the Province. We hope you will find it to be a useful resource!

More about Trentino

The Autonomous Province of Trento can claim a truly unique historic and cultural identity, codified in the form of a special institutional autonomy granted after the Second World War (1946) in a specific agreement signed by Italy and Austria. In Trentino all the most important political decisions are taken locally, rather being referred to central Government; hence economic decisions are made rapidly, on the basis of the specific characteristics of the area and with the objective of promoting excellence. Bureaucratic procedures in Trentino, streamlined and effective, also benefit from Provincial autonomy and are inspired more by the bureaucratic system in the Anglo-Saxon world than by the Mediterranean model, guaranteeing rapid and effective responses according to a clearly defined timescale.

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