To be small means great things

An autonomous, cohesive and competitive community

In Trentino one out of ten residents dedicates time and enthusiasm to the community. Volunteer work and social commitment sees the involvement of over 45,000 people in all the main fields of public life: assisting the elderly, supporting mothers and children, health, civil defence and environmental protection, education and training, sport and culture, tourism and care of the mountain environment.

This wealth of associations and volunteers is the result of Trentino’s unique historical and geographical background, a background which has made the concept of the local community and its underlying values, namely cohesion, sharing and hospitality, into something concrete and clearly evident.

The search for common answers to needs and requirements which cannot be dealt with individually has led to the creation of solid cooperative movement networks in the province. These have acted as a stimulus and breeding ground for new ways of doing business, responding to the current challenges in terms of competition, through more efficient use of human and financial resources, both in the public sector and in private businesses within the province.