FIS Nordic World Ski Championship

Val di Fiemme, known across the world as a winter paradise of nordic skiing, hosted for the third time the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships from February, 20th until March 3rd. This biennial event is one of the top international ski competitions in the world.

In a world event such as Fiemme 2013 Nordic Ski World Championships, success cannot be taken for granted . Nevertheless, this sport world event thanks to organisers as the FIS, Trentino system’s actors and the numerous volunteers, was highly praised and appreciated. 

Also the weather agreed with the occasion: good snow and sunny days. The following data provide evidence of the success the event reached. 

In Fiemme 2013 participated: 

  • 701 athletes (in Oslo 2011's edition they were 580);
  • 55 nations (Oslo, 49); 
  • About 400.000 spectators (not counting those attending the last huge competition taking place in Lago di Tesero’s Cross County Stadium);
  • 8.137 accredited journalists, among which more than 1.100 international ones dealing with press, TV and radio;
  • 40.000 visitors that booked their stay in Val di Fiemme through the APTs (local tourist offices); 10.000 through Val di Fassa’s one; 8.000 through Valle di Fiemme’s nearby tourist agencies, 12.000 booking directly by themselves.

Furthermore, Fiemme 2013’s official website had an average of 371.000 daily visitors, with peaks of 500.000 as in the first day of the Nordic World Ski Championships.

The high digital and technological factors made the event a groundbreaking one, thanks to useful apps which guaranteed the best Fiemme 2013's tourist experience and to all services and information Trentino system deployed.

Watch the video about how Fiemme 2103 mixed Sport, innovation and technology:

The international happening was also supported by social networks such as Facebook (with 122.000 contacts per day), Twitter (with an average of 1.600.000 contacts per day, with peaks of 2M visitors) and Youtube, where the video of Fiemme 2013’s official hymn was the most clicked among the 64 videos produced by the organization.

Obviously, a key role for the success of the event was played by Trentino sustainable infrastructures and by Val di Fiemme’s high level and environment-friendly sport structures, whose wood was certificated by PEFC.

The Trentino edition of the Nordic World Ski Championships was also characterised by the accessibility of its venues, which allowed, especially thanks to the app “Trentino accessibile”, disabled people to fully participate in such international event. 

The excellent results achieved during this 12-day event has thus been possible thanks to the joint efforts of organisers, volunteers and Trentino systems and they show once again the Province's skills in organising big events, deploying innovation and technology and mixing them with tourism and environment.

It should be highlighted that the set of services and infrastructures supplied for Fiemme 2013 will remain active and will be also implemented in the next big event Trentino is going to host in December 2013: the 26th Winter Universiade.

Watch the video of the opening ceremony:

Watch the official video of the hymn of Nordic World Ski Championships Trentino Fiemme2013 composed by Goran Bregovic!


February 25, 2013

Fiemme 2013: gold medal for eco-sustainability! (Source: Fiemme 2013)

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From February 20 to March 3, Val di Fiemme hosts the Nordic World Ski Championship. The winner is the environment and the local production: all structures in wood come from local forests and are PEFC certified.

  • February 19, 2013

    Fiemme 2013: a full speed world cup For Fiemme 2013, Trentino Network has developed a ultra-wideband network infrastructure: digital television, innovative services, and transmissions secure and fast for players and spectators.

  • February 18, 2013

    ViviFiemme: a new tourist experience ViviFiemme is the app designed by Trento RISE, with the collaboration of Informatica Trentina, on the occasion of Fiemme 2013’s Nordic Ski World Championships. It is aimed at providing its users with a new full digital tourist experience.


February 18, 2013

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February 15, 2013

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February 12, 2013

Nordic World Ski Championships go full digital & accessible

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February 11, 2013

Fiemme 2013 Nordic Ski World Championships

Val di Fiemme, known across the world as a winter paradise of nordic skiing, will host for the third time the 2013 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships from February, 20th until March 3rd. Read full article

February 06, 2013

Two hydrogen fueled minibuses for Fiemme 2013

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January 29, 2013

Live premiere of Fiemme 2013's official hymn in Trento

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