Quality of Life

A testing ground for welfare policy

Over the last few years, alongside traditional measures regarding pensions, health, housing policy and support for the weaker segments of society, particularly the elderly, the Trentino welfare system has also adopted more innovative measures, in line with the most advanced policies in Europe, acting as a testing ground for the whole country.

In order to protect minimum income levels and the purchasing power of families, the Autonomous Province of Trento was the first province to adopt a minimum guaranteed income.

In relation to families, the main objective is to influence the expectations of the family, also acting to support population growth. For this purpose there are a range of provisions: financial support, social and educational services, information services and promotion of subsidiarity and hence the role of volunteer work. Considerable attention is paid to reconciling working schedules with home life, also by providing services such as crèches and “tagesmutter” (childminder service). Special measures are provided for large families or families with young children.