As a result of its position, Trentino has always been a frontier land lying between different cultures, representing a place for the exchanging of both goods and ideas.

This explains the high level of local and institutional internationalisation, demonstrated by the extended network of territorial and sector agreements promoted by the provincial government and other bodies extablished in the province.

This frontier territory and its European dimension are now reinforced by the Province’s participation in the Euregio, a collaborative project extending beyond confines and frontiers, which also involves Tyrol and Alto Adige. The Euroregion shares a “common home” with its members: a single representative office at the European Union in Brussels. 

On the other hand Trentino's geographical position and history have enhanced the attention payed to developing countries, through a dedicated Provincial Ministry, and immigration issues to which the Autonomous Province of Trento has dedicated an informative center supporting immigrants in their path of integration in the local productive system and community.

Cinformi Informative Centre for Immigration

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International solidarity

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