From the First to the Second Statute of Autonomy

The First Statute of Autonomy, approved in 1948, was undoubtedly a huge step forwards compared with the past; nevertheless, it did not satisfy all the demands for self-government put forward by the two provinces. A new era of petitioning thus began, including some dramatic moments. It was not until 1972, after a period of intense negotiations, that the Second Statute of Autonomy saw the light of day, granting the requests of the two provinces and heralding a new era of peaceful and fruitful relations between Trentino, the Alto Adige and the central government in Rome.
More recently, with the gradual weakening of the reasons in support of the national State as the only possible form of civil and political organisation, particularly as a result of the process of building the European Union, it is now more clear than ever that the route along which we have travelled so far, and even more importantly the road ahead, represent a valuable resource which extends beyond the geographical boundaries of Trentino.